Friday, January 8, 2016

Herbal Diuretics for Dogs with Liver Disease

Herbal diuretics for dogs with liver disease can help them to get rid of excess fluid. A natural diuretic is less likely to have some of the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals which are used as diuretics for dogs.

What is a Natural Diuretic for Edema In Dogs?
Dandelion root is an effective natural diuretic foods for edema in dogs. It helps human beings who have health conditions which lead to edema as well. There is a lot of research to back up dandelion's use as a natural diuretic and your veterinarian can answer the questions that you have about how it can also help to improve the health of your dog's liver.

If your dog has liver disease, dandelion can benefit them in the following ways:
Dandelion helps your dog's liver to release toxins
Dandelion helps to cleanse the liver
Dandelion helps a damaged liver to heal

What is the Best Natural Diuretic?
When the flavonoids in dandelion are absorbed through your dog's digestive system, they help to increase the flow of urine. One of the main advantages of using diuretic foods for edema such as dandelion is that unlike some other diuretics, it naturally restores the ideal balance of minerals in the body. This is because dandelion contains a lot of potassium.

A natural dog diuretic such as dandelion that also helps with keeping the liver healthy is a good way to help an older dog. This beautiful plant has been proven to be very helpful with dogs that have a liver condition. Natural diuretics for edema are available in some pet food stores and at some veterinary clinics. You may also buy  this natural diuretic for dogs online at Amazon.